Our regions

The South West

The South West France boast a long-standing tradition of wine growing.

For centuries, monk successfully safeguarded and develop native grape varieties that would subsequently be crossed with varieties imported.
Located West of Languedoc and East of Bordeaux, the region covers a number of appellations made from rare and sometimes forgotten grape varieties such as Tannat in Madiran, Malbec in Cahors, Negrette in Fronton and Braucol in Gaillac. Each one adds a note and a flavor comparable to none.

All types and styles of wines with some of France’s most affordable price tags and remarkable quality are made here.

By drinking South West wines, consumers buy into products full of substance and balance that are both mouth-filling yet refined. These are elegant wines that pair beautifully with an extensive range of foods, and reconnect wine lovers with notions of quality and sharing.
They offer guaranteed enjoyment.

The Languedoc

The Languedoc has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winter and dry summer with low rainfall. The local wind (Tramontane) reduces humidity in the vineyards and promotes rapid drying of the grapes after wet periods, which prevent diseases.
This remarkable climate is ideal for vines cultivation.

The Greeks were the first to plant vineyards in the region back to the fifth century BC. But Languedoc wine growing had to face phylloxera in 1863, and the downy mildew in the late nineteenth century. Once a solution had been found, cultivation began to increase rapidly and the Languedoc vineyard was being flaunted as one of the largest in France at the beginning of the twentieth century.
But because it consisted of high-yield varieties, the area was producing a large quantity of table wines, albeit of a poor quality.
So to get rid of this image, vine plants were dug up on mass and winemakers showed innovation by restoring traditional and noble grape varieties (Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan...). 

That was a huge step towards quality improvement, and it helped to restore the popularity of the region.
For more than thirty years, the main Languedoc appellations such as Corbières, Faugères or Minervois, are constantly improving their level of quality, to become now renowned around the world.

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