☆☆☆ Guide Hachette 2019

Article published on 7 september 2018
Par Clément Serres
Our rewarded cuvees this year

        Domaine Croix des Marchands, Methode Ancestrale sparkling 2017
☆☆ Château Palvié, Les Secrets du Château Palvié red 2015

   ☆  Un petit R de Famille red 2016

❤ + ☆☆ Château Viella, Prestige red 2015

       ☆ Château Chênaie, Les Douves white 2017
☆☆☆ Château Chênaie, Les Douves red 2016

Wines from Occitanie

Article published on 26 jully 2018
Par Clément Serres
Learn more about our region.
Each appellation has its own history and specificity :
FWT Occitanie

Visit of the DIAM factory


Article published on 25 june 2018
Par Clément Serres
Our wines guaranteed without cork taste!
Lots of our cuvées are corked with the DIAM brand.

This french company has created the only cork closure that provides perfect control over the different levels of permeability. 

Through an exclusive patented process, cork "de-aromatization", DIAM is the only cork closures that are sensorially neutral, freed from the molecules causing organoleptic deviations including TCA, responsible for cork taint.

We had the chance to visit the factory and witness the cork hand-harvest. 


Cahors in Gold !

Châteaux Rouffiac & Bovila

Article published on 5 june 2018
Par Clément Serres
The quality of our wines rewarded again!
We're not presenting often our wines to competitions. But it's always a pleasure to receive rewards thought.
It highlights all the hard work done to maintain the excellent level of quality of our wines years after years. 

The international guide Gilbert & Gaillard gave us the highest rating for our two cuvees presented : 

Château Bovila - Prieuré de Bovila 2015      Gold medal
Château Rouffiac - Latitude 44 2015             Gold medal

The Pieron's vineyards in AOP Cahors confirm their important place in the qualitative development process of the appellation.

Gaillac in Gold !

Dom. Croix des Marchands

Article published on 19 april 2018
Par Clément Serres
Another award for our Gaillac wines!
Two cuvees have just received a Gold medal at the Feminalise competition:
- Domaine Croix des Marchands - Douceur d'Automne sweet white 2016
- Domaine Croix des Marchands - Methode Ancestrale sparkling 2017

The Feminalise is widely covered by the media. The wines are tasted by more than 600 women from all over the world

These prizes will be added to the others won this year by our Gaillac estates:
(Domaine Croix des Marchands and Château Palvié)

Gold medal at Gilbert & Gaillad
Domaine Croix des Marchands - Elegance red 2015

Silver medal at South West wine competition
Domaine Croix des Marchands - Fraicheur Perlée 2017

Gold medal at South West wine competition
Château Palvié - Red 2015

90pts at DECANTER World Wine Awards
Château Palvié - Les Secrets du Château Palvié 2015


Château Chênaie

Article published on 13 april 2018
Par Clément Serres
Official recognition of the environmental performance.
For many years now, the wine of Château Chênaie has been produced according to reasoned culture principles. This allowed the chateau to obtain today the level III of the very much coveted High Environmental Value (HEV) 

This certification corresponds to the highest level of a voluntary approach which aims to identify and promote particularly environmentally-friendly practices applied by farmers or winemakers.
HEV covers four key areas:
​- Biodiversity conservation
- Plant protection strategy
- Management of fertiliser use
- Management of water

The High Environmental Value has become the first alternative to the organic label, which is nowadays more and more subject of criticisms.



Article published on 4 april 2018
Par Clément Serres
Back from a successful fair!
Prowein was three intense days for both buyers and producers.
Bigger years after years, Prowein 2018 has welcomed more to 60.000 professional visitors come over 133 different countries...

The amount of visit at our booth was very important, and I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to taste our wines.

Thank you also for your trust in our estates, and for our strong and prosperous partnership. 
We hope that more will be established this year.

See you soon, 

Clement SERRES.

New website!


Article published on 3 april 2018
Par Clément Serres
To follow our strong development, our website has grown!
We hope you'll like the new interface.

You can find presentation of our company on Who Are We
You can access to all our technical sheets on The Estates
You can learn more about our regions on Our Regions
And of course you can email us through Contact

I look forward to hearing from you!

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